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Transform your bathroom into a spa-like space and learn about new and noteworthy advancements in technology for bathroom design. How to create powder rooms brimming with style.

70 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas
Before starting with the topic of small bathroom ideas, we are first going to jot down a few reasons why you should opt for a smaller bathroom instead of a big one. You see a lot of people out there misunderstand the concept of “luxurious”. They think that the bigger the bathroom will be, the more luxurious it will...

Totally Awesome Hand Towel Hangers

  Once you own your own house, you realize just how often you go through certain items like dish rags, blankets, wash cloths, and towels. That's why you see many home owners that have their own closet devoted to linens that they can easily grab to replace others, whether they are just dirty from use or can no longer be...

Bathroom Mirror Remodels as Money Makers

Most realtors will tell you that there are two main rooms in a house that can amp up the value big time. First, the kitchen. As for the second most important room requiring remodeling... the bathroom. Redesigning these rooms, let alone any room, can cost a lot of money but promise great rewards. Not everyone is able to afford...