Unique Additions to any Room

A fireplace design in the living room.

Most old homes in the UK require a quick refurbishment or redecoration. Upgrading the rooms and making them look bright and lively again is something that should be done every few years.

Since the British people are known to have odd knick-knacks and a fondness for collecting things, some rooms can become dull and outdated. Without spending too much money, it is possible to redo the décor of the room with very few additions or changes. 

Adding a new pillow, putting a fresh coat of paint, or adding a potted plant can also do immediate wonders. Changing up the furniture or repainting the kitchen cabinets can also make the room look more inviting and new.

Changing a little of the lighting, either adding a few new lampshades or switching out the old light bulbs for a fresh set can also make an immediate difference. Most people need a change in the aesthetic of the rooms in the house. 

Let us look at some unique additions to any room that can spruce up the place.

Use Mirrors

Most people don’t understand the importance of using a mirror strategically. You can use mirrors to create the illusion of a room having extra space. Adding mirrors to reflect additional light and make the room look larger is one of the oldest tricks in the book. In the olden days, women would decorate entire walls with mirrors to increase the sense of space so that children would not cry from claustrophobia. 

If you keep the colour palette of the room light and allow sunlight to stream in through the windows, medium to large-sized mirrors help create a sense of additional space in a unique yet cost-effective manner. 

Good and bad places for a mirror

A hallway with a mirror, designed with wood floors.

Wall Stickers

Instead of spending money on repainting the walls each year to make them look different, you could instead opt for wall stickers. Wall stickers in the UK are easy to order online and come in several different sizes and textures. For children’s rooms, opt for non-toxic stickers that can be changed every few years based on their everchanging interests. For kitchens, culinary stickers that depict everyday life would also look nice instead of expensive backsplashes. 

Bathrooms and wet areas like the laundry room can have their unique designs that can be changed as and when needed. Since wall stickers are safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive, you can easily create a new look in each room of the home to suit your preferences. 

A black and white wall decal with a stylish design of an acoustic guitar.

Change the Lighting

We cannot stress how crucial it is to change the lighting every few years. With the everchanging British weather, the seasons control the sunlight and daylight at all times. Changing up the lighting in the house with a fresh set of bulbs, or a few new lampshades can make the room look refreshing, different, and unique. Statement light pieces, chandeliers, or simple wall lamps can also change the aesthetic of the room. 

Adding lights in shadowy corners in the room can also increase the sense of space to make the room look larger. Dark spots in children’s rooms can be lit up with a string of small and pretty fairy lights. Spotlights on wall art also work wonders in enhancing the room and making it more elegant. Floor lamps on stairwells that light up the way or motion sensor lights in the kitchen and bathrooms can also add to changing the look of the rooms. These small yet unique lighting accessories can help change the way you view all the places in the house.

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A living room with a couch and a lamp that incorporates design elements.

Add Rugs

Most flooring and spaces are left bare and decorated only with furniture. Vintage furniture may also start looking boring if there is no change to the floor. Adding trends rugs to strategic corners in the room can also bring about unique and quick change. Mats help ground the room and create a sense of cosy warmth. However, it should be remembered that adding rugs to rooms also decreases the sense of space, and makes the area seem smaller. 

Adding rugs in the bedrooms at the foot of the bed, or in front of coffee tables and couches can add to a homely feeling, and make the space more inviting. Rugs also add to the insulation of the house and ensure that the cold does not seep in through the flooring and into your feet as you walk around. 

A living room with a vibrant rug and musical instrument.

Most people prefer purchasing new furniture and décor to change the way their home looks. While this is an excellent idea, it is not always possible to replace furniture and repaint the house each time. Making small changes helps keep the novelty of the home, and makes it look unique.

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