The 9 Features of a Complete Scandinavian Bathroom

A Scandinavian bathroom with a shower stall.

If you admire a Scandinavian kitchen, then you must have fallen in love with it for its beautiful minimalism and functionality. Scandi-style bathrooms are not any different; they are a unique way to add extra comfort, luxury, and fashion to your bathing space.

A Scandinavian bathroom with two sinks and a wooden counter.

Since time immemorial, scandi designs have transformed in many ways, but these four major characteristics have remained constant:

A Scandinavian bathroom with a toilet and sink.

  1. Beauty or good looks:
  2. Minimalism or simplicity
  3. Function or convenience
  4. Spaciousness or open layout

A white tiled Scandinavian bathroom with a toilet and sink.

So, in this style, you keep it simple, decorate less, reduce clutter, and add more function to your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

A Scandinavian bathroom with a washer and dryer.

Why a Scandinavian Bathroom is an Excellent Idea

A Scandinavian bathroom with a gold pendant light.

Enter a Scandi-themed room, and you’ll be swept away by how the nature-based materials (timber) can appear beautiful in a large room paired with warm fabrics, and well-thought-out coloring.

A Scandinavian bathroom with a glass shower.

The same principles apply to a Scandinavian bathroom. How would you cherish a spacious (2) bright multitasking bathroom dominated by touches of natural timber with minimalist clear cuts? And on top, cozy fabrics that go well with few traces of décor to create a design that will stand the test of time?

A Scandinavian bathroom with wooden beams and a bathtub.

In a nutshell you;

  1. Reduce clutter and get enough bathing space
  2. Worry less about furniture and stuff because you’re keeping everything to a minimum
  3. A timeless design that will remain relevant
  4. Worry less about the decoration because you have to keep it simple
  5. Get the warm cozy and multitasking bathroom

A Scandinavian bathroom with wooden cabinets and a glass shower.

Well, that’s just a tip of a larger iceberg. Let’s discuss Scandi in detail to help you supervise your Scandi bathroom project.

The Main Features of a Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian bathroom with wooden floors and a bathtub.

You’ve decided you want a Scandi bathroom, but you don’t know where to start with your renovation or what to include in it.

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Well, here’s a list of things to do when designing a scandi-style bathroom.

1. Reduce clutter, make more room!

Scandi means you will have to do away with a lot of stuff like cabinets and any other thing occupying your bathroom space.

A Scandinavian bathroom with a bathtub.

Most Scandi bathrooms are captivating because they rely on the beauty of a strategically-placed bathroom unit—and not a clutter of units.

2. Keep it natural 

A Scandinavian bathroom with a tub and a window.

Experiment with different types of timber to give you Scandinavian bathroom a natural look. Wooden floors and cabinets can also help create a natural feel.

3. Learn you color palette

A Scandinavian-style bathroom with a tub and sink.

White is the primary color in the Scandinavian palette, but you can get as creative as you like with livelier shades like yellow, blue, purple, grey, or orange. However, stick to accent painting only, and never blend more than three colors.

4. Go monochrome

A hotel bathroom with a sink, mirror, and towel rack.

The monochrome design is standard in Scandi. It is when you apply one dominant color (such as yellow) and then use thin clear lines of another (like black) to break the monotony.

5. Be smart with the lighting

A home DIY project involving a bathroom renovation with a bathtub and a sink.

Apart from strategically placed mirrors, don’t hesitate to bring in creative lighting pieces that harmonize well with your natural looks.

6. Go easy on décor

A bathroom with a soaker tub.

Take a minimalist approach when decorating your Scandi bathroom. You can use a conspicuous mirror to brighten your space further. If you like, you can add a little bit of natural vegetation (e.g., flower and vase) or use creative mockup.

7. Add storage 

A modern bathroom with wooden cabinets, mirrors, and sconce lighting.

Convenience and function is a priority, so it is best to make some storage space. Plus, you want to keep everything locked away to reduce congestion.

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A beach-themed bathroom with blue walls and a wooden vanity.

Free-standing wooden bathroom cabinets are an excellent way to add storage, incorporate nature, and include the clean lines that make a Scandinavian design.

8. Add vegetation

A garden-themed bathroom with a moss wall.

Bring the element of nature into your bathroom by adding a conspicuous green flower. You can either hang the plants or let them stand in an old-style pot or vase.

9. Bring in elements of the sea or ocean

A woman standing next to a black hammock in a room.

Lastly, you can bring the ocean indoors if you’re designing your bathing area in Scandi bathroom.

Besides complementing your nature-themed bathroom, an indoor ocean is a minimalist piece of decoration which fits perfectly into the Scandi design.

Build your Scandi to match your desires!

A large gray bathroom with a bathtub and a sink.

Knowledge is power even in design, learning the basics of a Scandinavian bathroom can help you build your dream bathing space.

Remember to use the above principles wisely to get a custom-made, spacious, and handy bathroom that will meet all your needs.


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