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A look at topics for apartment living, including decorating, space-saving ideas and personalizing rental space.

6 Useful Tips For Finding A Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartment
If you're currently searching for a luxury apartment, there are a lot of places to start from. The Asher and Atlas apartments might all fulfill your needs. However, it’s also important to know just what to look for in such cases. Here are just a few tips that might come in handy: Get a Large Closet Space Most starter homes and...

Finding the Right Cheap Apartments for Rent

Apartments for Rent
Choosing an apartment to rent can be a stressful, time consuming, and intimidating process. There are so many factors to consider like location, cost of rent, quality of the apartment, and whether or not you'll get along with the landlord. Add to that being on a tight budget or fixed income and suddenly you begin to find yourself in some...

The Heinza Julen Loft – A French Inspired Getaway In The Alps

This getaway located in Switzerland is literally making headlines because the designers and builders actually did one impressive job in building the Heinza Julen Loft in Zermatt. The loft is a one fashionable winter escape that comes with some luxurious decoration schemes that will surely give you the feel of the French era mixed with modernity. This winter getaway is...

How to Furnish a Studio Apartment on a Budget

studio apartment
This isn't a secret: decorating smaller spaces require greater creativity, most especially if it's a studio apartment. When you're stuck with an existing fixture, you get limited options, especially in a tight budget. Take heart; this doesn't mean that you have to be stuck with the same mundane look. The interior designers at  Hibou Design Co. can help you...

14 Ways to a Dream Loft Look

Amazing views from this luxury loft (Hollywood Reporter)
Loft homes are the ultimate city-dweller's dream.  Lofts afford amazing views, expansive ceilings and open space.  These urban homes have a distinct style that is architecturally interesting and very chic.  Here are 14 dream lofts to inspire you to achieve your very own city-chic vibe. Loft Inspiration Window walls are a dominant feature of lofts and provide plenty of natural light.  If you have...

5 Things We Have Learned about the Future of Coliving

The last couple of years has seen a large movement, primarily among millennials, toward a low-maintenance and streamlined lifestyle that includes more play and travel than the settling down and accruing wealth model of previous generations. This is why coliving and coworking spaces have taken off in such a big way. The appeal of short-term living spaces and the...

5 Advantages of Living in a Condominium

More and more people are considering that living in a condominium is the best set-up for them. In this article, we will discuss some advantages of living in a condo. This is perfect for those people who are looking for a place to buy or move to. 1. Security One of the main advantages of living in a high rise building is that it...

Check Out These 10 Super Stylish Paris Apartments

Paris apartments
Paris apartments. We know their reputation for being tiny in size. Located in the heart of one of the oldest cities in Europe, apartment owners reside in buildings built long before our modern era. That's why these homeowners love their places. The combination of old-world charm and modern-day life lends itself to chic and stylish decorating. Indeed, there is...

How to Create Designated Spaces in Your New St. Paul, MN Open Floorplan Loft

When it comes to city living, apartments have long since been a popular option. They make the cost of living a whole lot more affordable, especially if you’re looking at the trendy and hip places in the city. In St. Paul, MN, apartment living is huge, and lately one of the trendiest requests is for loft style living. These...

Lofty Loft Beds for Tiny Studio Apartments

Loft beds are becoming essential for living in a tiny studio apartment. Because of a studio's small size, there is no space to waste. This means that the resident must take advantage of every storage trick up her sleeve. This includes loft beds made especially for adults. We've talked about studio apartments before, but this article gives a new twist...

Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones

There are many things in life which need to change when you develop a disability. This is true for over 4 million people in Australia. The problem is that in many instances people don’t appreciate the issues this can bring; even in your own home. Whether you’re using a residential construction company to create a new home; or adapting the one...

New York City Penthouse Apartments With Incredible Style

New York City penthouse apartments are well-known as highly-desired real estate. And why not? With stunning city or park views, posh amenities, and a level high above the street noise, penthouse dwellers wouldn't settle for less! Let's take a look at the apartments that are the toast of NYC. New York City Penthouse Apartments SWEEPING VIEWS Most penthouse apartments have sweeping views. Literally, these...

10 Small But Surprisingly Stylish Apartments

These 10 small but surprisingly stylish apartments will amaze you! Because of the constraints of landlords, apartment dwellers must follow rules. Often, they can't make permanent changes, hang wallpaper, or even paint the walls! So what's an apartment dweller to do? Of course, she turns to the internet and finds smart ways to add high style. SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS: This apartment...

3 Tips For Planning Your Next Move

A good plan of action can help reduce the stress and costs associated with a move. If you are looking to relocate, here are some indispensable preplanning tips: Balance Location and Budget Financial planning experts say that your rent should comprise no more than a quarter of your monthly income, but you may consider paying just a bit more if you...

Selling? Try These Easy Tricks To Stage Your Home

If you're selling your home, try these easy tricks to stage your home. In fact, you can compete in the tight housing market. Indeed, you may even make more money on the sale! Staging your home is easy. You can do it yourself, or hire a pro. Let us show you what a huge difference staging makes. First, remember to make...

Moving With Minimal Clutter

Late spring and early summer typically mark the beginning of the busiest home-selling and home-buying season. The flowers are in bloom and daylight savings offers buyers more time to look at houses. With warmer weather and the motivation to get a new house in order before school begins in the fall, buyers are more likely to make a change during this...

Unbelievable Life Inside Hong Kong’s ‘coffin homes’

  In contrast to all the nice pictures of modern flats and luxurious style of living, we are now bringing you a different point of view. This post is focused on living in Hong Kong, a city where skyrocketing rental prices have driven the residents into rooftop shacks, cages and coffin homes. Images show the degrading conditions, including combined toilets and...

Studio Apartments That Are Small In Size But Huge On Style

studio apartments
Studio apartments that are small in size but huge on style are found in most urban areas. Indeed, urbanites choose studio apartments for lower rents. The tinier the apartment, the lower the rent. Therefore, urbanites can live close to amenities on a small budget. In fact, the small studio apartments represent freedom for their tenants. They're free from long commutes....