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12 Rooms to Inspire a Spring Interior Re-do

Light and fresh interior for spring
Fresh, bright color combinations Spring is a time of renewal and awakening.  All around we see the trees and flowers bursting to life and the colors exploding.  This outdoor rebirth inspires us to freshen up our homes; to brighten the colors and lighten the mood.  Here are twelve rooms to inspire a spring interior re-do. Fresh, bright color combinations are an instant...

10 Creative Uses for the Basement

Multi-purpose basement space
The home basement offers so many options for types of living spaces.  If you are fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, give it a purpose.  Transform this space into an area that best serves your needs and lifestyle.  Turn this dark, lonely spot into an entertainment room, a home theater, or anything you may desire.  Here are ten...

20 Rooms That Make You Say Ahhh…

Stunning interior
Sometimes you enter a home or see an interior in a magazine that just makes you stare in wonderment.  There is just something about the space that is instantly appealing.  The lighting, the design, the furnishings and accessories all come together in a way that is inspiring and just right.  You imagine walking into these rooms and finding yourself letting...

Creating Space with Ghost and Mirror Furniture

Ghost chairs and mirrors in a salon (interiorclassics)
There are two types of space in an interior: Actual space and Implied space. Actual space is obviously walking space, space that is not occupied by anything. Implied space is space that is not real, but gives the illusion of space even when there is something there. The best example of implied space is a mirror, although this is...

Gorgeous and Affordable Crystal Chandeliers Under $400

Twinkling Crystal Chandeliers (homemadelectronica).
Crystal chandeliers are available in nearly every style and provide a home with grandiosity and sparkle. Many homeowners see lighting with strings of twinkling crystals and assume that they can't afford anything of the like. This is a reasonable assumption as affordable crystal chandeliers are not incredibly common, however if you know where to look there are plenty of...

Front Door Paint Colors for Maximum Curb Appeal

Gorgeous purple front door (mijarespropertiesflorida)
Curb appeal is exceedingly important to homeowners, whether you're selling your home or living happily in it and wish to make a good first impression. A very cost efficient way to drastically change the look of the exterior of your home is changing your front door paint color (and possibly your shutters, if they match). Red is a classic...

13 Beautiful and Unique Pendant Lights for Your Home

Beautiful amber glass pendant lights
Pendant lights are a great source of stylish illumination for your home.  They can be used in any room as the main source of light or as an accent.  In the kitchen, they can serve as a dramatic or utilitarian light source over the island.  In the living room, a group of pendant lights or one statement light can be the...

10 Ways to Upcycle Old Toys for Your Home

Upcycled toys create fun sculpture
If you're not quite ready to grow up and embrace all that is adult in decorating your home, there is a way you can bring part of your childhood into your home with great, if not quirky, ideas.  If you still have many of your old toys or have children that have grown tired of theirs, instead of tossing them...

Tastefully Utilizing Rainbows in your Interior

Rainbow Hanging Chair (blog.hgtv).
Rainbows get a bad rap for being childish or overly colorful. However, they are universally very pleasing to the eye and can be utilized without being overbearingly bright or tacky. In order to truly get the most out of this concept, the base rooms should be neutral, as it would be very easy to clash. This chair above, for instance,...

7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room

Stylish and chic living room
If a complete revamp of your living room is not within your economic or time budget, there are a variety of updates and changes you can make that may be within your reach.  Here are seven simple ways to update your living room.  Statement Art An interesting painting, framed print or photograph can give your living room a voice.  If it...

20 Quirky, Funky and Cool Rooms to Love

Fun and quirky interior
There are many styles of interior design and some would say there are rules that should be followed in order to create spaces that are successful from a design point of view.  Then there are rooms that throw all those rules away and blend color, quirky accents, pattern and disparate objects to create a cohesive and fun space.  Here are 20...

8 Great Ways to Add Shimmer and Luster to Your Home

A shimmering display of lights reflect off metallic kitchen tiles
There is something quite magical about shimmery and lustrous interiors.  Elegant, sophisticated and even a bit romantic, rooms are instantly elevated with lustrous surfaces and accents.  Here are eight great ways to add shimmer and luster to your home. A mirrored wall, shimmering fabrics and gold accents give this room a lustrous look.  The mirror opens up the room and...

Emerald Green: For a Glamorous Home

Emerald wallpaper behind glamorous crystal chandelier (fashiongonerogue).
When designing the interior of your home the first thing you should decide is what feeling you want you and your guests to experience when entering the space. If you want to impress your guests, Emerald Green is your best bet! Whether vibrant or deep, this color is lavish, lush, and luxurious.As the color reminds us of currency, it reminds...

8 Reasons to Love Window Seats

An inviting window seat
Window seats are cozy, charming and functional.  They contribute to the architectural interest of a room and can function as supplemental seating and storage.  Window seats provide a cozy spot to enjoy a good book or a place to daydream while taking in the view.  Here are eight reasons to love window seats.  Architectural Appeal Window seats give windows an instant...

Luxury Homes and Amenities

Luxury home
With the United States Powerball lottery up to $1.5 billion today, let's take a moment to fantasize about the homes we desire; the homes that we would purchase if we won the Powerball lottery.  These luxury homes and amenities are the height of glamour and beauty.  Take a moment to dream a life of luxury and ponder the home of your...

5 Interior Design New Year Resolutions to Make Now

Interior Design New Year resolutions to make now
It's a brand new year.  Are you ready to start fresh?  Here are 5 interior design New Year resolutions to make now for a fresh start in 2016.  Embrace Color If you're ready for a bold change to refresh your living room, embrace color.  Give your room a boost with a bold wall color and lively upholstery. Keep the walls neutral and...

18 Ways to Repurpose Wood Crates in Your Home

Wood crates repurposed into a desk or craft work center
Wood crates are a popular flea market commodity today.  They have endless uses outside of their originally intended use, therefore making them a hot item to repurpose in the home.  Here are 18 ways to repurpose wood crates in your home.  Shelving Stack crates freeform or uniform to create a unique shelving unit.  Attach several together and stack beside each other...

Repurposed Light Fixtures – 22 Unique Light Fixture

Lighting fixture repurposed from wine glasses
It's all about recycling, upcycling and repurposing in today's decorative world, in an age when "what's old is new again" is the mantra.  Let's take a look at ways to upcycle ordinary objects into works of functional art.  Here are 20 unique repurposed lighting fixtures to add a statement piece to your home. Unique Light Fixture The kitchen is the perfect place...