Kitchen Peninsula Design: 5 Ways to Install a Peninsula in Small Kitchen

A black and white kitchen with a center island featuring exquisite design.

A peninsula is a perfect alternative for an island. You can particularly benefit from one if you have little space or your kitchen isn’t roomy enough to host a free-standing unit.

A kitchen peninsula with a marble counter top and orange stools.

There are many creative ways to install a peninsula in your cooking space, no matter its size. With a little guidance, you can figure out how to go about your kitchen Peninsula design.

A kitchen with marble counter tops and a peninsula design.

But first, what are they, and why would you need one in your home?

A kitchen with a fireplace.

Kitchen Peninsula: Definition

Many times, it is a unit-and-countertop that extends from a kitchen wall. Other times, an unused space replaces the unit, to give storage room for stools or ample sitting space. 

An open kitchen with a wooden bench.

Peninsulas can also serve as a half-wall to seclude a kitchen from other parts of the house if you have an open layout. 

A modern kitchen with a wooden kitchen peninsula and bar stools.

The Many Advantages of a Kitchen Peninsula Design

A peninsula is a smart way to add function to your inactive kitchen. It presents a host of benefits to any cooking space including;

A white kitchen with a kitchen peninsula design.

  1. Form a kitchen or breakfast bar. Paired with seating, they allow you to create a kitchen bar or dining area for a more social cooking space
  2. More storage room for your utensils. Your peninsula unit can be a closed or open cabinet for extra storage
  3. More working space. Your kitchen peninsula can also give more room for your kitchen activities.
  4.  Split an open plan layout. Separate your kitchen from other areas with a strategically placed peninsula.

A kitchen with a wooden peninsula design and stools.

Lastly, you can use it to engage an unused space in your kitchen. In a nutshell, it can fit into any kitchen size.

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen Peninsula Design Ideas for a Small kitchen

A peninsula is your next project, but your kitchen is too small, so you have to be creative because you don’t want to;

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A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances, stools, and a kitchen peninsula design.

  1. End up with a design disaster,
  2. Interfere with the cooking triangle 
  3. Obstruct movement in your cooking space
  4. Create a peninsula kitchen bar that will put your guests at risk

A modern kitchen design featuring a kitchen peninsula with white cabinets and wooden countertops.

Remember, your cooking space and safety should come first. Besides, the ability to drive a cooking session to success is task number one for any kitchen.

A kitchen peninsula design with a view of the ocean.

That said, here are five kitchen peninsula design ideas for your small space.

A white kitchen with wooden cabinets and counter tops designed with a kitchen peninsula.

1. Stick out a short counter-and-unit from a wall 

A peninsula doesn’t have to be a long unit and countertop. Building a short unit, and countertop is a shrewd way to install one. Be sure to leave ample space for seating if your peninsula is also your kitchen bar.

A kitchen with white cabinets and a glass door featuring a peninsula design.

2. Build a horizontal hanging slab

Your kitchen peninsula design doesn’t have to include a unit and countertop. Erecting a sturdy horizontal slab can make the perfect peninsula and leave you with ample space to arrange your stools and slide them underneath when not in use.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and counter tops featuring a peninsula design.

3. Extend a top from an existing unit

Sometimes little space limits your options. And the best you can do is to extend a top from an existing unit. In this case, the unit becomes your supporting wall. You can use wood or steel to extend the tabletop, depending on your current theme.

A white kitchen with a center island featuring a kitchen peninsula design.

4. Take advantage of a free-standing pillar.

A pillar in your small kitchen can be the perfect spot to build a short peninsula that will serve all your needs without restricting kitchen navigation or obstructing the cooking triangle.

A kitchen with a center island and red chairs.

5. Slide a wooden or steel top from a wall and add supporting leg(s)

Instead of a horizontal floating slab, you can install a metallic or wood top, and add a beautiful leg (or two) to leave ample sitting space underneath. Well-thought-out legs can attract more attention to your creative peninsula.

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A modern kitchen with a kitchen peninsula design and stainless steel appliances.

Wrap Up

What other kitchen peninsula design ideas do you have for a small room? Well, the trick with peninsulas is to keep it simple, match with your current theme, and lastly, leave adequate cooking space.

A kitchen with a table and chairs.

Spacing is everything because, after all, a kitchen is nothing if it doesn’t streamline cook activities. Remember, a peninsula is just an extra feature to make your kitchen more useful and friendly. 

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