A look at topics for apartment living, including decorating, space-saving ideas and personalizing rental space.

$15.4 Million Luxury Stunning Residence For Sale in Los Angeles

Even if the property was already sold in June 2016 for amazing $15,400,000 USD, we still want to show our readers some luxury details of this stunning residence. The Luxury Residence is located in LA and is a private home that covers an area of 7,500 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. With astonishingly jaw dropping uninterrupted views from every level, this...

Space Saving Design Elements For Small Space & Apartment Living

I lived in three apartments over the past six years, and I became masterful at incorporating space saving elements to enhance my small space. Currently, my husband and I have settled into our permanent home. Our permanent home is a mid-century, two bedroom 1400 square foot rancher. Therefore, we have continued to utilize the space savers to give our home...

Dead singer Prince’s incredible $17 million house up for sale: Take a look inside

Prince's house
There’s a lot that can be said about Prince Roger Nelson, aka Prince, aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Whichever name you remember him by best, he’s left a whole lot of stories, music that we grew up to, and an incredible sense of style. Prince's 14,280 square foot Toronto mansion is now on the market for $12.7 million....

Choosing the Right Type of Ceramic Floor Tile

residential faucets, fixtures, tile, and lighting for your remodel
Ceramic tile is a wonderful choice for floors.  It is extremely durable as well as water, scratch and wear resistant.  There are a wide array of color and pattern options available, which makes it great for several different areas of the home, be it the bathroom, kitchen, or entryway.  Because there are so many options to choose from, there...

5 Atlanta Apartments where Industrial Style Feels Right at Home

There’s one design trend that never seems to go out of style – on the contrary, in a world abounding in innovative solutions for home decoration and improvement, the industrial look is only getting more traction among design enthusiasts. If you’re a homeowner, making your home unique with exposed brick and pipes, sealed concrete floors, and steel-frame, 13-foot windows is...

Designing a Bedroom for the Picky Teenager

Musical and modern bedroom (smallkitchen)
The teenage years, specifically between ages 13 and 18 were immensely confusing for all of us. This is the time where they become individuals, they begin developing interests on their own and evolving into the adults they will soon become. This being the case, they should have an area to themselves for self-expression and socializing. But designing a bedroom...

5 Reasons to Love the Industrial Loft

Industrial loft interior
The industrial loft has much to show for itself.  These distinct interiors offer unlimited versatility.  They give the open floor plan a whole new meaning.  The converted warehouse is a housing option that is becoming increasingly appealing among urban dwellers.  Here are five reasons to love the industrial loft.  Texture The industrial loft is rich in texture.  Often there is brick, wood, steel and concrete...

20 Rooms That Make You Say Ahhh…

Stunning interior
Sometimes you enter a home or see an interior in a magazine that just makes you stare in wonderment.  There is just something about the space that is instantly appealing.  The lighting, the design, the furnishings and accessories all come together in a way that is inspiring and just right.  You imagine walking into these rooms and finding yourself letting...

Stylish Apartment Interiors

Beautiful apartment interior
Apartment interiors can teach us much about designing for smaller spaces.  When you conduct most of your living in one room and have to get the most from less area, this teaches you the importance of space planning and editing.  Granted, some apartments are quite generous of space.  Here is a selection of stylish apartment interiors to inspire you...

Bring Gatsby Into Your Home

Blacks, Whites, and Silvers make this room a very modern example of Art Deco.
The 1920's were a time of prosperity and freedom. As America's economy flourished and technology developed to bring exciting new inventions -such as fridges, radios, and vacuums- the new generation began to distance themselves from the tight conforms of eras passed. Loose dresses were worn instead of the tight S-shaped gowns of the Edwardian era and corsets became unnecessary....

The Alluring Style of the Modern Paris Apartment

Spacious Paris apartment
Let's take a trip to Paris to explore apartment interiors that epitomize French style.  Come with me to see the architectural details juxtaposed with modern furnishings.  Look closely at a classic Paris apartment.  Enjoy the view from the balcony.  Follow me on a journey into the alluring style of the modern Paris apartment.  No passport required. Timeless and classic is the style of...

How to Style a Beautiful City Apartment

Beautiful city apartment
For the city dweller, there is nothing quite like the view from a luxury apartment.  Designing a city apartment interior can be a challenge.  Many have open floor plans and are small on space.  Here are some beautiful spaces and a few tips on how to style a beautiful city apartment. Open space styling can be intimidating to some.  The best...

How to add style and creativity to your home with mirrors

elegant living room enriched with mirrors
The mirrors are one of the most elegant, fascinating, useful, but, sometimes, underestimated decorating elements. A mirror can be a real piece of art and an original furniture that can give charme, character, style and personality to every single room of an house. Another plus of using mirrors to decorate your home, is their ability to reflect light, to...

Attic Spaces to Love

A multi-purpose room in an attic space
When you think of an attic, do you envision a dark cavernous space filled with neglected furniture and dusty corners occupied by spiders?  Well, the rooms featured here are not dark, dreary, dust-filled spaces.  These attic rooms have been converted to bedrooms, recreation rooms, children's playrooms, retreats and even apartments.  Odd angles, interesting window niches or dormers all make these...

Space Saving Beds for Small Apartments

Beautiful space saving bed (
Small living has its perks. However, decorating it provides an extra challenge. When decorating a small place, there is usually compromise needed. You may have to give up your dream wine cellar, your big TV or your classic dining room. Space saving beds offer a solution to this problem by creating convertible rooms. You can create a home cinema...

10 Gorgeous Living Room Designs for the Modern Woman

Gorgeus living room- picture taken by photographer Lasse Lerdahl (
What qualities define the modern woman? The answer lies in a quote by William Moulton Marston. “...a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman”. Marston was a psychologist and comic book writer. He was the creator of Wonder Woman. Therefore, the modern woman is strong, independent yet feminine. What...

Industrial Touches: 24 Exposed Copper Pipe Decorating Projects

Industrial interior design is about displaying and showcasing mechanical elements and building materials that are usually concealed. Its “unfinished” look holds within itself endless possibilities. One way to recreate that industrial appeal is by putting an emphasis on rustic metals such as brushed nickel, cast iron metals and copper. Copper pipes are stylish elements to decorate with if you are...

14 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for the Modern Man

Stylish masculine bedroom (
According to Stephen Covey, “the challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by the modern man”. After a long day of work,one needs a moment of peace and quiet. A welcoming bedroom, clutter free, to unclutter one's mind. A bedroom that's easy to clean, therefore easy to maintain. You're looking at an...